Helicopter Fleet Hire

The versatility and efficiency of our helicopter fleet can be best understood by the diversity of aviation services we offer.

Legend Aviation services commercial and governmental contracts such as; Netstar (vehicle tracking and recovery) and Petronet (pipeline and power line surveillance), for example, while also providing other commercial uses for the swift and direct transportation of business people, VIP's and dignitaries to regional airports and less well known destinations throughout KwaZulu-Natal.

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  • Based at Virginia Airport, Durban
  • our company offers you an apron of aviation solutions for your every conceivable need

Governmental, Parastatal & Special Interest

Helicopters for Governmental, Parastatal & Special Interest

  • Car Tracking and Vehicle Recovery
  • 24-hour tracking
  • Pipeline Surveillance
  • Power line Surveillance
  • Marine Surveillance ('Ship to Shore')
  • Medical & Police support
  • Cargo & Courier services
  • Carriage of Valuable Goods
  • Geological Survey
  • Wildlife Capture & Game Counts
  • Anti-Poaching

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

  • Banner Towing
  • Car Tracking and Vehicle Recovery
  • Sling Loads
  • Fire Bombing

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