Helicopter & Aeroplane Pilot License Training School

Legend Aviation’s helicopter and aeroplane training academy provides safety orientated quality training for a Private Pilots Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) and advanced training on a range of piston and turbine helicopters and aeroplanes, ensuring you are well equipped for the challenges ahead.

Our coastal location at Virginia Airport, Durban ensures students are able to take advantage of the great weather, largely uncongested airspace and friendly local vibe. Legend Aviation flight school is equipped with a fleet of well-maintained aircraft as well as experienced, friendly instructors and examiners. Legend Aviation’s flight academy is well positioned as a leader in helicopter and aeroplane flight training.

Perhaps more importantly, the pilot training academy is part of a thriving charter operation where students are encouraged to interact with operational crews in order to gain valuable insights into the industry as well as share experiences.

  • Based at Virginia Airport, Durban
  • Contact Us for Pricing 031 563 7226

Private Pilot Licence

Get your PPL with Legend Aviation 

If you’re interested in flying a helicopter or aeroplane for pleasure and taking passengers along for no financial reward, you will need to obtain at least a Private Pilots Licence.

The requirements for a PPL are as follows:

  • A minimum of 50 hours flight time with an approved flight training school.
  • A Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate (to show that you are in good health)
  • Pass 8 aviation related theoretical examinations listed below (pass mark 75%)
  • Successfully pass a practical skills flight test.

Examination Subjects

  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Engine and Airframes
  • Radio Telephony

Before each new flying exercise, you will be briefed in the classroom by your instructor on the associated theoretical and practical aspects of the exercise. After signing out in the flight books you will take to the air to practice the exercise either along the coastline or inland overhead the Inanda Dam area.


Commercial Pilot Licence

Get your CPL with Legend Aviation


If you are interested in a career as a Helicopter or Aeroplane Pilot and wish to fly for financial reward, you will need to obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence. A Private Pilots licence is the first licence required before you may proceed to complete your Commercial Pilots licence.

(Note: the hours flown to obtain your PPL will count towards the 200 hrs needed for a CPL)

The requirements for a CPL are as follows:

  • A minimum of 200 hours flight time with an approved flight training school.
  • A Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate (to show that you are in good health)
  • Pass a further 8 aviation related theoretical examinations
  • Successfully pass a practical flight skills test.

To get to the 200 hours required once the Private Pilots Licence is complete, students may hire and fly the helicopter or aeroplane to take friends and family for scenic flights or longer trips to various destinations. Most students also incorporate additional courses and ratings on different helicopters or aeroplanes into the required 200 hours to put themselves in a stronger position for future employment.


Courses and Ratings

Additional Courses and Ratings

  • Turbine conversion
  • Mountain training
  • Type ratings (conversions to different/bigger helicopters or aeroplanes)
  • Night rating
  • Instrument rating
  • Agricultural rating (crop spraying)
  • Instructors rating
  • Sling rating
  • Game capture rating
  • Multi-engine rating

Introductory Flight Lesson

Book your Introductory Training Flight

For those who have yet to experience the exhilaration of helicopter or aeroplane flight, we offer a special introductory flying lesson.

This lesson incorporates a 30 minute preflight briefing to explain the basic aerodynamics and workings of a helicopter or aeroplane including the control inputs required to fly it. Once airborne, your instructor will demonstrate the effects of individual controls before inviting you to take each of them yourself. You will be shown level, climbing, descending and turning flight as well as how to approach the runway to land.

This is the initial stage of learning to fly and the flight time may then be logged towards the hours needed for getting your licence.

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